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DiTech Expo 2022

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About DiTech Expo

DiTech Expo is the ultimate virtual fair for digital technologies.  It will be open for visit throughout the whole 2022.  During DiTech Expo there will be lot of supporting events, which you can see and visit here:

The platform hosting all events has virtual centers on 6 continents and is called Virtual Expo Centers.

Organizers of DiTech Expo are Digital4foundation  and European Digital Experts Association/EURODEA/.

The 365 days of DiTech Expo will feature 9 digital weeks with over 100+ conferences included to their programs.  Over 800 speakers from 90 countries will be among the invited keynote speakers and presenters.

In 2021 we had the pleasure to welcome 37000+ participants, viewers and visitors from all over the world. 

Our partners are organizations and media from over 40 countries  

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